Because our message at beauty EST is beauty in all its details and keenness to take care of it for any female in our country because she deserves it. We constantly and renewed offer special offers and packages of services to provide them at reasonable prices and appropriate to your budget, so that you can benefit from our services as much as possible and always appear in the best look, and from the comfort of your home .

We have special packages that cover your needs at amazing prices, all in order to make you happy and enrich your aesthetic experience with many unforgettable details.

Our special offers include:

  • The bride’s pre-wedding outfit
  • The bride’s wedding day outfit
  • Honeymoon Supplies
  • Beauty Bouquet
  • Pamper Package
  • Moroccan Bouquet
  • VIP Wedding Preparation Package
  • Create your own bouquet
  • Hair and face care packages
  • Royal Moroccan Bath Package
  • Light Makeup & Hairstyle Package
  • Hair Color Package
  • Waxing Package

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